Thursday, August 22, 2019

Avengers: Endgame

Yet another non horror movie! I just had to share this review with you guys.

Avengers: Endgame

Starring Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans

The remaining Avengers assemble once more to try to reverse the damage done by Thanos in Infinity War.

The majority of the movie takes place five years after the events in Infinity War. I had heard so many different things about this movie, but I was still unprepared for how much fun it was to watch. I deliberately waited until it hit DVD because I knew I would have the feels in this movie and I didn’t want to blubber like a baby in the middle of the theater. There are definitely blubber moments!

The storyline was great, the action was fantastic. It was really nice to see the group together, but kind of depressing at the idea that this will be the last Avengers movie.

Thor was so fun to watch! I could not stop laughing every time he came on scream. He was looking rough. 

The ending was really good, but so sad. Of course, Endgame gets an A. If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019


I thought it would be fun to do something other than a horror movie!

Shazam! stars Zachary Levi and Mark Strong

Separated from his mother as a young child, Billy Batson has spent years in the foster system always searching for the mother that was lost to him. When he goes to live at yet another foster home, he gets more than he bargained for. While running for some bullies, he gets on the subway and is pulled into an adventure. Chosen by the wizard, he is given great power to serve as “the chosen one”. With this he can turn himself from a fourteen year old boy to a superhero with only one word. Shazam!

I was really scared of this one. The trailers were terrible and I refused to go to the theater to watch it. I waited and decided to rent it when it hit Redbox.

I loved it! The movie is really entertaining and the acting is wonderful. Not only is it a superhero movie, but you follow Billy as he grows from someone who only looks out for himself into someone who would sacrifice everything to save his new found family.

The villain is not one to be trifled with. Definitely vicious. It really makes you think this might be an unbeatable villain. Mark Strong does a wonderful job in this role.

The storyline was wonderful, the characters loveable, and the ending fantastic. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who likes superhero movies.

Solid A from me.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Masters of Horror Season 2 Part 2

8/18: Episode 6: Pelts

Starring Meat Loaf

Raccoons that were killed for their fur take revenge on anyone who wears a pelt coat.

Starts off with Meat Loaf’s character showing what type of person he is. A pig. And those poor cute raccoons! I got where I couldn’t wait to watch the raccoons get even!

It’s weird, though. It’s like the pelts are “telling” people to do things. Although what these people do is quite disgusting.

Ending was messed up, but definitely fell under horror. 

I give this one a B.

8/19: Episode 7: The Screwfly Solution

Starring Jason Priestley

A deadly virus infecting men around the world could be the end to human kind since it causes the men infected to kill every woman they see.

Starts off with a man washing what looks like blood off his driveway. This actually ended up being pretty good. The storyline was a pretty good one. I liked the ending too. 

I will give this one a B.

8/20: Episode 8: Valerie on the Stairs

Starring Christopher Lloyd

While at a Writer’s Commune, a writer encounters a spirit.

So, this guy that has written five books but never published comes to the writer place for inspiration. This is where he meets this ghost like woman that appears on the stairs at night.

This one is really hard to follow, though. It takes a while to actually figure out what is going on. But once you do, it is kind of a cool idea. 

However, the ending made no sense. I have to give this one a C-.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Masters of Horror Season 2 Part 1

8/13: Episode 1: The Damned Thing

Starring Sean Patrick Flannery

When a mysterious creature starts terrorizing people, a small town sheriff struggles to protect his community.

Starts off with a father who seems to love his family suddenly changes and killing his wife, then attempting to kill his son. Then jumps 24 years later.

This one is pretty weird. Hard to figure out what is going on. The ending was a disappointment. I would give this one a C.

8/14: Episode 2: Family

Starring Meredith Monroe

When a young couple purchases their dream home, they don’t realize that their new neighbor is hiding a dark secret.

This one starts out with man listening to religious music in his basement while he pours some kind of acid over a dead body. This is definitely different. The guy is obviously missing a few screws.

It is pretty good, though. The whole storyline is creepy which adds to the horror element. The ending is quite a twist. I liked it.

I’ll give this one a B.

8/15: Episode 3: The V Word

Starring Michael Ironside

Two teenage boys find more than they bargained for when they break into a mortuary to get a look at dead bodies.

It starts off pretty quickly, story moves along nicely. I thought the ending was actually pretty good. I’ll give this one a B.

8/16: Episode 4: Sounds Like

Starring Chris Bauer

While monitoring the telephone conversations at his company, a man finds his hearing becoming more intense.

Starts off not really knowing what the big horror part of the movie. Although it is pretty cool when his hearing starts peaking and he can hear things a normal person shouldn’t be able to.

While there were a few things toward the end, I still don’t see that there was enough horror in this one. The ending wasn’t that great either. I would have to give this one a C-.

8/17: Episode 5: Pro-Life

Starring Ron Perlman

A woman is trapped inside a woman’s clinic while pregnant with a demonic offspring.

I absolutely love Ron Perlman which is one of the reasons I was super excited for this one. He will forever be Vincent from the Beauty and Beast TV show to me.

This one is actually pretty good. Has some action blended in. Definitely some gross parts.That baby is really disgusting! I don’t remember ever seeing anything like that.

Ending was a little weird. I’ll take a grade off for that, but then add it back simply because Ron Perlman is awesome. This one gets a B.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Masters of Horror Season 1 Part 3

8/10: Episode 11: Pick Me Up

Starring Fairuza Balk

A recently divorced woman finds herself trapped between two serial killers when she becomes stranded.

Starts out with idiot woman leaving bus group to walk 12-14 miles to a hotel when the bus gets stranded. That makes sense. Not to bright. Of course, it is super ironic that not one but two psychos wander upon the bus. 

This one is actually pretty good. Ending is definitely crazy. I liked it though. I’ll give this one a B.

8/11: Episode 12: Haeckel’s Tale

Starring Steve Bacic

While a man is travelling to visit his ailing father, he is forced to take shelter with an old man and his young wife.

Starts out with an older lady telling a story.  By the time you reach the halfway mark, the most horror related thing to have happened is the main guy trying to bring a person back from the dead and her body catches on fire.

Ending was seriously messed up, but the horror definitely picked up. I’ll give it a B.

8/12: Episode 13: Imprint

Starring Billy Drago

An American journalist journeys to a dark island where his only hope of shelter is a brothel.

This one starts off really weird. It takes a minute to even figure out what is going on. But as it goes on, it gets downright disgusting in parts. There are other parts that are just ridiculous.

Ending was dumb. Would have to give this one a C.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Masters of Horror Season 1 Part 2

8/5: Episode 6: Homecoming

Starring Thea Gill

Media uncovers tampering with the presidential election by Zombie soldiers.

Starts with man and a woman running over a zombie. Then it flips to four weeks earlier. I absolutely hate stories that do this.

Woman is obnoxious, but entertaining. The whole zombie thing is kind of retarded. They come back cause they want to vote and once they vote, they die again. Huh?

Ending is really dumb.  I give it a D-

8/6: Episode 7: The Deer Woman

Starring Brian Beben

After a series a strange murders, a detective finds himself wondering if it is a mythological creature.

The detective in this is funny. He is laying in bed running different ideas through his head about the murders. It is hilarious to watch the stuff run through his head and his reaction to the ridiculous theories.

This one has just enough silly to make it go up a grade. The horror is okay but could be better. Ending is kind of crazy.

I give it a B-

8/7: Episode 8: Cigarette Burns

Starring Norman Reedus

A man hunts for a copy of a film that works the audience into a frenzy just before the theater to burst into flames.

The creepy music at very beginning bugged me. It sounded like someone hitting the same two keys on a keyboard over and over.

Shows some of the backstory for main character. It was strange watching Norman Reedus outside of The Walking Dead.

This one was kind of weird. Takes alittle while for anything remotely resembling horror to happen.

Ending was weird and kind of a disappointment. I’ll give this one a C-. Wanted to fail it, but just couldn’t. I like Norman Reedus too much.

8/8:  Episode 9: Fair Haired Child

Starring Lori Petty

A kidnapped child strikes up a friendship with the son of the kidnappers while imprisoned in the basement

It starts with girl getting kidnapped. Apparently the people who kidnapped her lost a child at some point. Also, her mother is a total flake. She tries to call her mom and tell her where she is and her mom is putting her off, talking over her. Completely useless.

There are weird flashbacks showing what happen to their child. A little ways into it, story starts to pick up some. More action.

Ending was pretty good, I thought. I will give this one a B-.

8/9: Episode 10: Sick Girl

Starring Erin Brown

A woman discovers that one of her scientific experiments is getting in the way of her affair with a another woman.

Woman gets dumped by girlfriend due to “bug thing” creeping her out. Apparently woman is a scientist who talks to bugs.

She then meets someone who likes bugs. It’s kind of interesting storyline, even though it’s a little weird. And when her new someone gets stung and starts eating bugs, I just immediately thought of bug boy in Smallville.

Ending was crazy. I have to give this one a C-