Sunday, February 17, 2019

Write a Letter to Someone

Howdy folks! So, day 23 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge is to write a letter to someone. It can be anyone. If you are interested in the challenge, I am sharing the link to my original post. Feel free to hop over there and check out what this is all about.

Here is my letter:

Dear Future Self,

Hello from 2019. It is July 22, 2021 where you are and I'm just checking in to see if you have completed all your 101 goals. I hope that this letter finds you super excited because all of your goals have been met and you are preparing to release your next list of things/goals you would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. As of right now, I am making excellent progress so that you will hopefully be celebrating because you have killed it in the past 1001 days to complete all the things/goals that were on your list. Did you make it? If not, what did you miss? Wish I could blink and get a quick glimpse into how it is going. I'm so excited for some of the things that I listed.

Well, I must be going. I have many things to do, future self. I hope this letter finds you thinner, healthier, happier, more adventurous, more successful, and most definitely not in the donut shop!

The February 2019 version of You

Saturday, February 16, 2019

First Ten Shuffle Songs

So, day 22 of the 30 day writing challenge is to put your music on shuffle and post the first ten songs.  My songs were:

Here I am by Bryan Adams (from the Soundtrack of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron)

(Everything I do) I do it for you by Bryan Adams (Most people recognize this one from the Robin Hood movie starring Kevin Costner.)

Can I Have This Dance by High School Musical Cast (I believe this song is in the third High School Musical movie.)

Against All Odds (Take a look at me now) by Mariah Carey and Westlife

Pieces by Red

Halo by Beyonce'

Shallow by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (This is from A Star Is Born)

Two Less Lonely People In The World by Air Supply (Every time I hear this song, I think of my husband. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am very blessed to have the hubs.)

You Don't Know Her Like I do by Brantley Gilbert

Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen (Anyone who loved Patrick Swayze can tell you where this song came from. Yep, That beautiful and IRREPLACEABLE version of Dirty Dancing)

So, there you have it. As you can tell my music tastes are all over the place! If you put your player on shuffle, what are the first ten to play on your playlist? Share below or better yet, blog about it and leave me the link in the comments below! Happy blogging everyone.

Friday, February 15, 2019

What Do You Want Your Children To Learn From You?

Day 21 of the 30 day writing challenge is to list three lessons that you want your children to learn from you. So, here they are in no particular order.

The lessons I want my children to learn from me are:

1. Being who you are is okay. You don't have to conform to a stereotype or be put in a box with a pretty label. Love who you are because God made you just as you are and you are special.

2. No Scrubs! Don't fall for the pretty face, but pathetic work ethic. No car? Lives with mom? No job? No career goals? No ambition? Don't do it! You will be setting yourself up to move your newest flame from their mom's couch to yours. While you work full time to pay for everything, Scrub is on the sofa with phone in hand playing video games and eating all the food. Run, don't walk, away from this loser.

3. It is okay to dream. Dream a little or a lot. Don't ever let anyone tell you that dreams are for losers and keep yourself in the real world. A life without dreams is a dull one indeed. Take those dreams and turn them into goals, then make those goals reality. Some of the most famous writers, actors, artists, etc. were once told that they couldn't do it. Then, they did.

Well, there you have it folks! Hope everyone is having a great day! Happy blogging!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

I wanted to pop up here to wish my readers a lovely Valentine's Day. What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

For me, it is a day of flowers, candy, and stuffed animals. Don't get me wrong, I am all for presents and yummy chocolate.  However, I don't believe that you should just buy flowers, candy, etc. for someone you "love" only one time a year. Some people use Valentine's Day as an excuse to pressure their loved one into buying them a present. I don't want anything that came from a sense of obligation, but didn't come from the heart.

I recently watched this video on Facebook(warning there is some language in it) and everything this guy says is 100% true. A lot of guys wait until Valentine's Day, birthday, etc. to buy their wives or girlfriends flowers or gifts. They only buy flowers or gifts when they are "in trouble" with their significant other because that is the normal. Now, I don't want to just pick on the guys here. Some women truly believe that they shouldn't bother with gifts for their boyfriend/husband on Valentine's Day because that would be silly. Some women don't even bother with gifts at all.

My husband doesn't always buy me large gifts and flowers, but he makes me stuff all the time. He just recently finished an awesome laundry basket shelf that will hold three baskets. The baskets slide in like drawers. It is something I had found on Pinterest and really wanted. So wonderful. Some days he will come in with a soda for me or a snack because he knows I would want one. Little things add up to big things.

Something to think about is this: Don't wait until one or two days a year before you bother to show your significant other that you love them.

Because remember that nothing is permanent. If you don't show them love, there is always someone out there that would be willing to.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

My Three Celebrity Crushes

Day 20 of the 30 day writing challenge says to post about three celebrity crushes. Used to, I woudl have told you that there was no way I could narrow it down to three, but it is actually easier than it used to be. Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of hunks in Hollywood, but there are only certain ones that make me swoon. So, here they are in no particular order:

Jason Momoa: I developed a huge crush on this hunk of a man the second I laid eyes on him in (yep you guessed it) Game of Thrones. Not only is he very nice to look at, he is a great actor. I am ashamed to say that I have not watched Aquaman yet, but it is on my list.

Chris Pratt: This guy is so adorable. Everything he is in from movies to interviews.  I just enjoy watching him. He is very talented and Guardians of the Galaxy is without a doubt one of my favorite Marvel movies.

Johnny Depp: I could not have this list and not have Johnny in it. He has been in my top three since I laid eyes on him in Nightmare on Elm Street. You just don't get much better than Johnny Depp. He is a fantastic actor and he sports a beautiful set of peepers. Not to mention, how can you not love Jack Sparrow? Mr. Depp will probably remain on my list indefinitely. After all, the man has made teenage girls drool for over thirty years.

And there you have it. My top three celebrity crushes. I could make a huge list of the ones that I find attractive and do my best to catch their movies. But I would be here all day. However, I would like to have three honorable mentions. So here they are in no particular order:

Chris Hemsworth: I truly enjoy watching him in just about any movie I can catch. Of course, he is fantastic as THOR, but there are other movies that I have found just a good. Good actor and very easy on the eyes

Justin Hartley: I first saw this hunk on Smallville where he quickly started to outshine the actual star of the show! Adorable, charismatic, and now melting hearts on This Is Us. I could definitely watch anything he is in over and over again.

Robert Downey JR: I remember movies that RDJ was in years ago that really stuck with me. I was so glad when he returned to the big screen and quickly made Ironman one of my favorite Marvel characters. He is a very talented actor and nice to look at.

Hope that you guys found this post enjoyable. Don't forget to check out the links if you would like to see some eye candy or if you live under a rock and have no idea who these actors are.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Discuss Your First Love

Day 19 of the 30 Day writing challenge is to discuss your first love. So here goes:

My first love was in high school. For the sake of this blog, we will call him M. I first met M coming back from a movie with my mom one night. We stopped at a gas station and he was the attendant. Yes, there used to be gas stations where gas was pumped for you.

Anyway, the car that we were driving was old and it was crazy complicated to get the gas cap back on once you took it off. So, M is eyeballing me through the drivers side window while my mom tells him what she wants. When he walks off to pump the gas, my mom starts in with how adorable he is and I should go talk to him, etc etc. Then, M ends up having trouble getting the gas cap back on after he pumps the gas.

So, mom nudges me and says "go help him, honey." Knowing I'm getting set up, I get out of the car and walk to the back to help him. I explain how complicated it can be and bend down to show him. Our hands touched and it was like electricity. This was for real something you would think you'd just see in a romance movie. We get the gas cap back on, all the while I'm blushing like a moron. I get in the car, thinking that we are fixing to drive away. My mom asks for his name and he tells her. Then, she immediately says "This is my daughter, Jaime." Can you picture me trying to crawl under the seat and disappear because that was what was happening mentally as I sat there horrified.

We finally left and I'm thinking I will never see him again. Then, guess what. Turns out he goes to high school with me. He is a Senior and I'm a sophomore. To top it off, he lives next door to one of my close friends! I was dumbstruck. I hadn't spoken to him again, but I couldn't stop thinking about him. My friend invites me to spend the weekend at her house (can you spell stalker?) and I agree.

The first weekend there I see him coming in and out of his house next door, my friend is bugging me to talk to him, but I keep saying no. She talks me into spending the weekend again. This time she invites him to play a game of kickball in the street (this was back when kids played outside) so that is what we were doing. At this point, he had no clue I was the same girl. I had not told him my name or anything. To be honest, we barely spoke to each other.

Then I got hit with the kickball. Let me just tell you that if you have never been hit with a kickball, you have been blessed. He immediately rushes over to make sure I'm okay. He kneels down and helps me up, there's that electric spark and our eyes lock. He legit whispers "You". I honestly felt like I had been transported to one of those epic love stories that you just can't get enough of.

We started spending a lot of time together and talking on the phone. My mom found out about it and could not stop laughing until I told her that he was four years older than me. She immediately started shaking her head and apologizing, saying that he was just too old. I made a deal with her. I asked her to let him come for Thanksgiving dinner and if she didn't like him, I wouldn't speak to him anymore, but if she liked him then she'd have to consider letting me date him. This was just the kind of stuff that my mom and I did.

So, M comes to dinner. Mom adored him! She was absolutely crazy about him and we ended up dating on and off for four years. I say on and off because we did have problems and issues, but M was the guy that I would break up with and then when I saw him my heart hit the pavement and I turned into mush.

However, as epic and romantic as my relationship with him was, it was not meant to be. Our final breakup sent him his way and I went mine. But I know that I will never forget how we met or the way the relationship went. It was one for the romance shelves.