Monday, July 6, 2020


7/3 The Broken

Starring Lena Headey

A radiologist’s life spirals out of control when she sees a woman who looks like her driving down the street. Drawn into the mystery of who the woman might be, she stumbles into something she never imagined.

This mirror breaks and you see a woman step out of the glass.  Then, she sees a woman driving her SUV that looks just like her. Then somehow she ends up in the SUV after following this person to their apartment where she sees a picture of herself and her father.

After this happens, she has a wreck that lands her having to take therapy.

To say this movie is confusing is an understatement. I feel like the dad knows something though because he is kind of weird. Which the boyfriend is weird, too, so it is hard to tell if that is part of the acting or what. Like I said, movie is confusing.

Over thirty minutes into the movie and still no sign of anything I would categorize as horror. She is starting to suspect that her boyfriend isn’t her boyfriend. Like it is someone who looks like him. He has started acting weird so this is a possibility.

We are 58 minutes in when something horror finally happens. You see a doppelganger kill the real woman. About time something happened.

The movie starts picking up after the murder happens. I actually got interested in it at that point. The ending was unexpected.

Once it got going, this movie wasn’t too bad. I will give it a B- simply because it did have such a slow start.


Starring Rebecca De Mornay

Members of a sadistic family return to their childhood home in order to terrorize the new owners.

Movie starts off with a murder. That is always a plus with a horror movie. The guys mistakenly return to what they think is their mother’s house when she no longer owns it. This puts them in the position of having to take control of the house.

Then, the mom shows up to try to fix the mess these boys have created. But she is about as crazy as they are. She is convinced that the new couple stole money that was supposed to be hers and that is part of the reason they won't go ahead and leave.

There is a lot of action in this one as well as the horror element. The acting is really good.

Ending was good, but unexpected. I would give this one a B+ and definitely recommend it to people.


A goofy horror movie about campers who decide to camp on the lake where horror writer Stephen King lives.

I knew going into this that it would probably be ridiculous, but I thought it would be fun considering what a fan of King I am.

Movie starts about like you would expect. Girl running through woods by lake in her underwear and a ripped shirt. Ends up getting smacked in face with shovel. Then, scene switches to a car of people and cheesy text introductions of each character.

The acting is horrible, but movie is funny from the start. The name of the boat they rent is Christine! I about fell out of my chair laughing when the guy was telling them they didn’t want that boat.

Some of the acting does pick up a little, but not much. The scenes are kind of flat, but still interesting to watch.

There are more King references like the pop up “Girl who loved Tom Gordon” book. Then, when they are listening to music in the house it is the song that the mother is playing at the beginning of the movie IT.

And, of course, there is a guy walks in on his friend kissing girl he likes moment. Lol. Oh, and the classic soldier going to save the day guy.

And everyone suspects the Stephen King superfan! And the superfan actually starts thinking it is Stephen King! I am rolling over this one.

The ending was about what I expected with all the humor of the rest of the movie. I would have to give this one a C because it was really silly.

But I have to admit that even with the ridiculousness, this movie was a blast to watch. I strongly recommend for a good laugh!


Starring Adam Brody

A couple moves into a New England town with hopes of starting a family. Those hopes are quickly shattered when they fall into paranoia and must fight for their lives.

Movie starts with couple moving into new house and wife is expecting a baby. There is a neighbor girl who sits in her window and just stares at people, very creepy.

Larissa goes into labor, but the baby is stillborn. When she comes home, she is distraught over loss of child. She starts hearing the baby crying in the house and actually seeing him in his crib.

The girl next door, Isabelle, is still staring at Larissa through the window and this really bothers her to the point that she goes next door and yells at the old woman who lives there.

The suspense in the movie is really good and I enjoyed trying to figure out what Isabelle’s story was. There are definite spooky elements that make the movie good.

When it turns out that the girl watching her is a vengeful spirit, of course her husband doesn’t believe that she is seeing her. I hate when that happens in movies. I just have a problem with the spouse distrusting what the other says.

The ending had a lot of excitement, but was really confusing. I will give this one a C because the ending was a big disappointment.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Low buy/No Buy 2020 Midyear Update

Hello fellow bloggers! I hope that this post finds you doing well and having fun with the current Scare-A-thon Movie reviews.

Today I thought I would drop in and update you on how my low buy/No buy year is going so far. I will go by month so you guys can see my ups and downs.

January-  I started out this year by landing myself in the hospital. This led to a pity gift planner cover buy and some planner stuff from my husband. He brought these things up to the hospital, along with some new pjs and clothes to try to make me feel better. Because these were gifts, I chose not to penalize for the low buy/no buy. Gifts are allowed and things bought with spending money or on date night are also allowed.

Other than this, the month went pretty good. I was impressed with how well I did shopping wise.

February-  This month was not as good. I did order a few Stalogy notebooks and i bought some stickers from Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I also ate out quite a bit at Arbys this month outside of date night. This was a solid C- month.

March-  As most of you know this is when Coronavirus showed up and everyone started talking about staying home. I admit that I did some online shopping. I bought post its and planner stuff from Amazon. I also ordered some books from Barnes & Noble. The books were purchased with spending money, which means that this was an allowed purchase since I used my spending money instead of family money.

April-  This month was a little better for online ordering. I managed to only order things that I needed. There was very little dining out as well. This was definitely more of an B month and probably the best one so far.

May-  This month I discovered a new Etsy shop that had stickers I really wanted. This led to ordering from Etsy for the first time. By the end of May, I had placed more than one Etsy order. I did also buy another planner cover from Amazon and I added another planner ordered from Michaels to my collection.

June- This month I added another planner and two notebooks to my collection, along with a stack of books from Barnes & Noble. These were purchased during a date night so I allowed myself grace for these. I also bought a large goal planner on a date night as well. Most of my purchases of stickers or planners for this month was on a date night. I did place an Amazon order, ordering post its that I did not need as well as a book I didn't need. I would say this wasn't a great month, but I allow myself grace because most purchases were done on a date night.

As you can see, I had many months that were not great. While I am not buying as much planner related stuff and books, I am still buying more than I had planned to. I have a pile of books and planner stuff. I am hoping the second half of the year will be better. I give myself a C for the first half of my low buy/no buy year. I could have done better.

Thursday, July 2, 2020


Starring Hilary Swank

Twelve strangers wake up in a clearing unsure how they got there, only to realize they have been chosen for a very dangerous game.

Movie starts with some woman reading a bunch of texts. Right after this scene, the action picks up pretty fast.

I was not happy that my reason for renting this movie literally dies in the first ten minutes, but I continued watching anyway.

There is a lot of comedy in this movie and the action is really good. I wouldn’t call this a horror, not really. There are moments that are somewhat gross.

The main female character really interests me. You don’t learn a whole lot about her, but you do learn that she was chosen as a mistake because she is definitely not someone to mess with.

Even though this turned out to be more comedy than horror, I still enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who needs a good laugh.

I would give this one a B.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Starring Van Hansis

When Danny Hill’s grandmother dies, he must lock himself in her huge rent controlled apartment for twelve days before he can take over the lease. The problem is, he may not be the only occupant.

The movie starts out with the grandmother dying in bed and she looks afraid of something, but it just shows her, not what she fears.

I just smell something fishy about how quickly the doorman is willing to help this guy get the controlled rent amount for the apartment by lying and claiming Danny was already living with his grandmother. Strange. Doorman is weird anyway.

Then a girl he spends the night with in the apartment disappears or is attacked. You really can’t tell which when it happens.

This guy starts losing it after just seven days. He definitely would not have survived the Corona Quarantine.

Movie is strange, but there are moments that are interesting. I found myself wondering what was going on. Is he nuts? Is it haunted by his grandma? Is someone torturing him to get him to leave? So many questions.

As the movie goes on, I am convinced that the guy is bonkers. But if that is the case then what happen to grams?

The ending was pretty good. I have to say that I enjoyed this one even though it had its weird moments. I would give this one a B-.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Deadly Water

Starring Charlie O’Connell

Thirty years ago he witnessed the brutal death of his parents at see. Now, Ray Reiter is determined to exact revenge.

This is also known as Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep

Movie starts out showing you the death of Ray’s parents. Then fast forwards to future date, showing a research crew that is out on the water. One of the crew members is killed by the same creature. This draws Ray to the research boat asking for a job to get on board.

Of course there is the background story of the shady character who wants a cut on the research team’s action.

This extra threat was unnecessary in my opinion and the graphics are a little rough when it comes to the creature.

The movie itself isn’t super bad, but there are things that could have been left out or done better. The ending was what I expected it to be.

I would give this movie a B-. In all, I think it was worth the watch. It was a fun experience.

Monday, June 29, 2020

House of Good and Evil

Starring Rae Olivier

After the loss of their unborn child, a couple purchase an isolated home to which they quickly discover might have been a bad idea.

Right off the bat I learn that the husband is a complete jerk. I just cannot warm up to him no matter what he does.

There are a lot of issues with this married couple. I had a hard time understanding why the wife would move to the middle of nowhere with the husband.

It is a little weird to start with, but there are a few interesting moments. Sometimes it appears as though the wife is seeing or hearing things. She overreacts about a lot a things. Most of what is happening to her seems to be a psychological thing.
The interesting thing is, though, that it really had me wanting to know what the heck was going on. Is it psychological or are there ghosts?

Ending has weird moments, but then breaks down everything that has been going on. Once you learn what was happening, it’s actually a pretty good storyline. The movie itself was okay, but definitely could have been better.

I would give this one a C+.

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Starring Colin Firth

Waking up from a coma and discovering his wife has been killed in an accident, Ben tries to turn his life around. However, he suddenly becomes haunted with visions of his dead wife.

I am a fan of Colin Firth. He is an exceptional actor and that is what drew me to this movie.

The movie starts with him waking up and learning that his wife is dead. He is slogging through life, obviously having a hard time with the situation. He meets a young woman in his building that he starts hanging out with.

He starts seeing visions and becomes obsessed with a murder in his area. Even though it is categorized as a horror on Vudu, I don’t see the horror aspect of it.

Ending was just as weird as the rest of the movie. This was a disappointment.

I like Colin, but I could have done without this movie. I would give it a C.