Thursday, January 9, 2020

101 goals in 1001 days Jan 2020 Update

With 564 days to go, I thought I would update you guys on my progress on my 101 goals in 1001 days. I am truly enjoying working towards these goals. Some are fun, while some benefit me in other ways.

You can check out the original post HERE

ü  Pay off Walmart Credit Card
ü  Pay off Bealls Credit Card
ü  Pay off Woman Within Credit Card
ü  Pay off Amazon Credit Card
o   Pay off my car
o   Save 3 months in Emergency Fund (0/3)
ü  Open separate Emergency Fund account
o   Save Down Payment for house
o   Replace Kenny’s Truck
o   Complete a No Spend Challenge

o   Have a family portrait made
o   Refinish desks
ü  Buy a small camper
o   Buy a Smart TV
o   Buy a Large Grill
o   Buy a deep freezer
o   Buy a new dryer
o   Build a Water Garden
ü  Adopt another puppy
o   Host a Halloween Party

ü  Take an Anniversary Trip
ü  Spend a weekend in the Smoky Mountains
o   Take a Mother/Daughter weekend trip with my daughter
o   Go on a Camping Trip
ü  Go to a Zoo
o   Hike to Smoky Mtn Waterfall
o   Visit Cummins Falls State Park
o   Take Vacation to Florida
o   Climb to top of Amicola Falls
o   Climb to bottom of Cloudland Canyon
o   Visit Ruby Falls
o   Spend the Day at Red Clay Resort
o   Visit Rock City
o   Go to the Nature Center
o   Visit my adopted sister
o   Visit Road to Tara Museum
o   Go on a Dolphin Tour
o   Go Camping in the Smokys
o   Attend Plannercon

o   Buy food for small pantry in town
o   Host a Fundraiser
o   Donate $10 for every item on this list that is not completed
o   Volunteer at Hospice
o   Volunteer with Food Bank/Community Kitchen
o   Volunteer at Animal Shelter
ü  Become a Friend of the Library

o   Lose 119lbs (0/119)
o   Rejoin a Zumba Class
ü  No soda for a month
o   Take a Yoga Class
o   Complete a Fitness Challenge
o   Get a complete Health Checkup
o   Run a 5k

o   Write a novel
o   Write 300 Blog Posts (110/300)
ü  Have another Summer Scare-A-Thon on Blog
o   Stay Up All Night Writing

o   Read 300 Books (53/300)
o   Reread Gone With the Wind and Scarlett
o   Reread The Dark Tower series (1/8)
o   Reread other Stephen King favorites (2/38)
o   Reread Mortal Instruments series (0/6)
o   Reread Infernal Devices trilogy (0/3)
o   Catch up with Alex Cross series (13/27)
o   Read the Bible
o   Join a Book Club

Try Something New
o   Go Kayaking
o   Learn to Shoot a gun
o   Take Line Dancing classes
o   Sing in a Karoake Bar
o   Take an Art Class
ü  Take Martial Arts or Self Defense Class
o   Ride a Horse
o   Make a Blanket
o   Learn to Cook Hibachi Chicken
o   Make my own jam and jelly
o   Go to a Concert
o   Go to a Football Game
o   Take Sign Language Course
o   Take Spanish Course
ü  Sign up for Skillshare
ü  Try Audible
o   Take a Cake Decorating Class
o   Ride a Chair Lift
o   Ride a train

ü  Watch all seasons of Game of Thrones (8/8)
o   Color Star Wars Poster
o   Color Fox Poster
o   Finish Dad’s pillow
o   Complete my first Scrapbook
ü  Restart Youtube Channel
o   Watch Disney favorites again (35/75)
ü  Upgrade my cellphone
o   Have a Spa Day
o   Find a Church
o   Take an Artist’s Weekend
o   Return to School
o   Buy a Hobonichi Cover
ü  No Social Media for ten days
o   Spread Dad’s ashes
o   Make my next 101 in 1001 list (14/101)

Monday, January 6, 2020

My Word of 2020: SIMPLIFY

Hello everyone and welcome to 2020! Can you believe that another year has started. Not just another year, but another decade! Shout out to all the people like me that are feeling a little on the old side today. I know it has been a hot minute since I posted a blog post, but I wanted to have an idea going forward on what I wanted to do with this blog and I think I have it figured out. No spoilers! You will just have to wait and see. Are you excited? Sure, you are. Bet you can't wait to see what I pull out of my hat.

Today, I thought I would talk about choosing a word for the year. Since this is the 6th, I am sure that most people who know about this concept have already chosen their 2020 word. If you are one of the few who have no idea what I'm talking about, allow me to explain.

Some people choose a word to kind of define their entire year. They may choose something that their goals center around or they may pick a word and then choose their goals based on the word they have chosen.

This will be the second year that I have really sat down and focused on my word for the year. In 2019, it was CHANGE. As you know, I had many changes in my life for the year of 2019. My mother passed away, my son turned 18, and my daughter has taken on a lot more independence. There are several other changes that took place in 2019, but those were the biggest.

Going into 2020, I chose the word SIMPLIFY. I chose this word because of different goals I have set for myself this year. There is a lot of chaos in my home and my life that I look to simplify. I have a detailed list the different areas that I plan to simplify and what exactly I will be doing.

One of the biggest things I want to simplify is my finances. Going into 2020, my husband and I will be doing a low buy/no buy year. I do plan to do periodic updates on this blog concerning that as well as over on my YouTube Channel. I will try to remember to share the videos when I update over there, but if you want to make sure you don't miss anything be sure to click the link and subscribe to my channel!

I do plan to do a blog post or video that details what is low buy and what is no buy for the year of 2020. This is a goal that my husband and I decided on together. It will help with the clutter in our home because we will be forced to use what we have instead of buying more. And we are back to the word SIMPLIFY.

That's it for this post guys. Hope you had a beautiful holiday and I will be back later.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

It Has Definitely Been Awhile

Hey guys!

I was looking through my post list and realized that it has been a long time since I posted a blog! While I did share a video from my channel, I have been doing a lot more work over on YouTube then here on the blog. I think my last actual blog post was some time in October. So, YouTube is definitely getting the majority of the attention.

I am currently working on changing that. What I hope to do in the New Year is bring new content here to my blog that is separate from what I post on my YouTube channel. No one wants to watch the video and then come read the blog post! Sure I might have some blog posts that go with a particular video, but for the most part I hope to separate the two.

I haven't figured out exactly how I will do that or what changes I will bring to the blog, but I am working on it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Be grateful for what you have and who you have in your life!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Scare-A-Thon Final Wrap Up

The final three movies that I watched for the Summer Scare-A-Thon. I am finally caught up with the posting! I hope you guys enjoyed!

9/20: Annabelle Comes Home

Starring Vera Farmiga

A teenage girl and her friend awaken the evil spirit trapped in the Annabelle doll while babysitting Ed and Lorraine Warren’s daughter.

Movie starts out showing how Ed and Lorraine acquired the doll, then their journey home with it. It also shows how they contained it in the glass case that houses the doll in other movies.

I would just like to say how dumb the brunette teenager is. Let’s ignore all four locks and the danger signs on the door and open it anyway. Idiot. And while we are at it, we will ignore the sign on the case that says “Absolutely do not open” and touch the creepy doll. I’m trying to figure out how they expect us to believe this girl made it to highschool?

The little girl, Judy, is obviously the smartest one in the group. I don’t even understand why she needs a babysitter unless it is just someone to drive her.She is smarter and more put together than all the teens combined.

The ending was pretty good. I’ll give this one an A.

9/21: Uncanny Annie

Starring Adelaide Kane

On Halloween night, a group of students get trapped in a board game that brings their darkest secrets to light.

Movie starts with a guy running in darkness, creepy girl confronts him, and he starts screaming when she grabs him. I like this kind of start to a horror movie. It gives you a little bit of knowledge as to what is going on.

Movie doesn’t take long to get going which is another plus. I hate horror movies that drag out for an hour before anything happens. 

It actually turned out to be a pretty good movie. The ending was a nice change.  I’d give this one a B.

9/22: Voice From the Stone

Starring Emilia Clarke

A young nurse is drawn to aid a young boy who stopped speaking after the passing of his mother.

This movie was okay, but I found it a little weird. Once Verena  arrives at the home and starts trying to help the boy, these strange things start happening. There are moments when you have no idea if what is happening is real or in the nurse’s head.

I would give this one a B- because of the suspenseful aspect, but I was lost most of the movie which annoyed me.

Friday, October 18, 2019

American Horror Story

9/18: American Horror Story: Apocalypse Episodes 1-5

Starring Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters

After Nuclear missiles are fired bringing on the end of the world, a few survivors are stationed at an outpost hoping for survival.

These first few episodes are a little strange. It’s kind of repetitive what they go through every day. There are a few horror aspects, but nothing like the other seasons. However, I do enjoy when Michael Langdon shows up. He is creepy and you can tell immediately that something isn’t right with him.

Kathy Bates is amazing as always. Sarah Paulson dominates the screen as the creepy Ms. Venible. I want to reach through the screen and smack her.

I enjoyed these first episodes of the season, but they could have been better in my opinion.

I give it a B.

9/19: American Horror Story: Apocalypse Episodes 6-10

Starring Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters

The witches journey back to the Murder House to learn of Michael Langdon’s true nature, past seasons intertwine to lead up to a dramatic conclusion.

I really enjoyed these last episodes of the season. Watching Sarah and Evan play so many different parts. Emma Roberts is hysterical. She is so fun to watch. The return to the murder house and how all the seasons tie together was really cool.

Watching the witches perform their magic was fun since Coven was one of my favorite seasons of AHS.

I definitely liked this season. I am hoping AHS isn’t over.

I give it an A.