Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Behind is what I am

Thought I would pop in to say hello to my readers. So, hello. This blog is coming to you live from my workplace since I currently don't have a student. When this happens, I am given the opportunity to catch up on things and I wanted to drop in to catch you guys up on the happenings of Jaime.

As you have probably noticed, I am still wrapping up the Scare-A-Thon that was over in September. This is because I am super behind on things and I am on my way to catching up.

Right now, I have many different things going on and a several personal items on my plate. Not to mention the restart of my super awesome YouTube channel. I love posting videos over there and do it when I get a chance.

I just recently got back from taking my son out of town for a college tour. He is a Senior in high school so we are getting in to College apps, Financial Aid applications, and wonderful college entrance essays that are supposed to impress.

This combined with many other things in my life has me still posting my reviews on the movies that I watched for the Scare-A-Thon. They are done. Just have to post them. They are coming, so if you were worried (probably not, ha ha), don't be. I will have the last days of the Scare-A-Thon up on my blog soon.

I hope this post finds my readers doing well. Take care and I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Scare-A-Thon Wrap Up Part 2

9/16: MA

Starring Octavia Spencer

A woman befriends a group of teenagers, allowing them to party at her house. Just when the teens think they have the best luck, things start happening to make them question the woman’s intentions.

Movie starts out with a new girl moving to town. She gets invited to hang out with a group of kids who talk her into asking this woman to buy booze for them. The woman does it, but then narcs on them once she learns where they will be.

The next time the woman agrees to buy the booze, she invites them to party in her basement under the disguise that she is concerned about their safety.

Movie takes about thirty six minutes for this woman’s crazy to really start to show even though there are a few creepy tells about her. Octavia Spencer is fantastic of course. I was thrilled to see that Juliette Lewis is in the movie as well. She is a good actress.

The movie does show a few flashbacks of Ma’s childhood and why she might be the way she is. The ending was pretty good. Overall I truly enjoyed this one. I give it a A-.

9/17: Haunting of Winchester House

Starring Lira Kellerman

After moving in to look after the Winchester House for a few months, a family soon finds themselves terrorized by vengeful spirits.

Movie starts off with a young girl delivering a package and getting run off by the woman living there. Then the woman living there proceeds to try to banish the spirits but just gets herself killed.

The new caretakers arriving at the property is drawn out quite a bit. Almost fell sleep waiting to get passed that part.

Some of the stuff happening once they get in the house is interesting but the acting isn’t that great which is kind of disappointing. The cheesy horror music was really getting on my nerves. It is something that is pretty regular in lower budget movies.

Ending was surprising, but strange. I’ll give this one a C.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Fall 2019 Quarterly Goals



1. Write 20 Blog Posts

2. Film 10 YouTube Videos

3. Read 15 Books

4. Edit 25 Chapters of SOTP

5. Reach 25,000 Words on Tosoy

6. Start Draft of New Novel

7. Spend day at the library

8. Spend day outside reading

9. Go on 15 Artist Dates

10. Lose 15 pounds

11. Develop Exercise Routine

12. Drink more water

13. Clean out Garage

14. Selling trip to McKays

15. Pay off and close a Credit Card

16. Build $1,000 Emergency Fund

17. Watch 5 Disney Faves

18. Test out Camper

19. Buy Food for Small Pantry in Town

20. Apply to Volunteer at Hospice

21. Apply to Volunteer at Animal Shelter

22. Become friend of Library

23. Stay up all night one night writing

24. Rocket Rabies Shot

25. Get Buddy Fixed

Monday, September 30, 2019

September 2019 Goals Recap

Below is how my goals turned out for the month of September. I managed to meet nine of my goals which I don't think is too bad! 

1. Participate in Shelftember

2. Reach 25000 words on Tosoy

3. Edit 10 chapters of SOTP

4. Read five books

5. Drink 8 glasses of water a day

6. Work through Biggest Loser Bootcamp book

7. Workout at least three times a week

8. Stay on budget

9. Build at least half of my emergency fund

10. Watch three Disney Favorites

11. Film 4 Youtube Videos  

12. Write 10 blog posts   

13. Put Gabby school pics in big frames

14. Send 5 handwritten cards or letters

15. Go on more affordable and creative date nights

16. Use same planner system for month

17. Have one artist date per week, totaling four

18. Clean out Garage

19. Limit dining out to once a week

20. Spend a day at a park

21. Spend day outside reading

22. Spend day at library writing

      23. Stay up all night one night writing

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

ScareAthon Wrap up Part 1

9/13: After Dark: Scream of the Banshee

Starring Lauren Holly

An archaeology professor unleashes a creaature able to kill with a scream.

Movie starts in Ireland what appears to be the past and these soldiers take on the Banshee, locking her away in a box/ Then it switches to present day. And by all means let’s open the mysterious box we found in the wall by using the glove that someone mailed to us. Genius. (insert eye roll here)

While some of the stuff in this one is pretty cool, it is very confusing. It had a lot of potential, but in the end was a disappointment.  I give this one a C.

9/14: Honeymoon

Starring Rose Leslie

After Paul finds his new wife wandering around the woods at night, disoriented, their lake country honeymoon descends into complete chaos.

Movie starts out with woman and man telling about them on a film. Then they are driving to a cottage in their “newly married” car. It has a pretty slow start. You spend a lot of time wondering if this is even a horror movie.

She starts acting weird after he finds her in the woods, but I am still trying to figure out why this is categorized as horror. There is a level of suspense and mystery to it, but not really horror. It’s ¾ way through movie before anything that is horror happens and even then it is just weird.

Ending was messed up. Overall movie was okay. I’ll give it a C+

9/15: Pledge

Starring Zachery Byrd

College freshmen realize there is a lot more at stake than they could ave ever imagined when they pledge aen exclusive fraternity.

Movie started with guy running through woods bleeding.  Then it switches to three nerds trying to find a fraternity.  Sad cause they keep getting shut down. Until they finally find one that allows them to stay for a party. Nothing shady aat all about this house in the middle of nowhere. *eyeroll*

The soup scene was digusting, but one of the best parts is when they put the rat on the guy and put a bucket over it, then heat up the bucket so the rat will start eating one of the pledges. So gross!

The suspense in this is great and the acting is spot on. Ending was alittle messed up, but overall this was good.

I give it a B.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Stranded Horror

9/10: 30 Miles From Nowhere

Starring Carrie Preston

When college pals return to a rural area for a friend’s funeral, an uneasy reunion becomes a fight for survival.

Movie starts with friends meeting up and it is obvious that they haven’t seen each other in a long time. Little barbs at each other show that they haven’t really made efforts to stay in touch.

The widow is creepy. No way would I stay in the middle of nowhere once I spoke to her for five minutes.

The movie is very slow going. More thriller than horror to me. Nothing really starts happening until over half way through the movie.

Ending was okay. I’ll give it a B.

9/11: Enter Nowhere

Starring Scott Eastwood

Three strangers are brought together at a cabin in the middle of nowhere only to learn they were brought togethere for a reason.

Movie starts out with a robbery and then a woman who is wandering through the woods because she got lost when her car ran out of gas.

It is really interesting, suspenseful. I enjoyed watching everyhting unravel as you learn the connections between the people.

Ending was pretty good. I’ll give this one a B even though it was really more SCI FI than horror. I hate when they categorize them wrong. But definitely a recommended watch.

9/12: Welcome to Willits

Starring Bill Sage

In the heart of the Emerald Triangle in the Norther California woods there is a cabin. The residents there are forced to fight off repeated attacks from creatures that have plagued them for years. When a group of campers get caught up with a pot farmer, the situation escalates.

Movie starts out very weird. Guy having nightmares of some creatures. He claims they took him. There isn’t really any explanation. The acting is not that great either. The graphics are terrible, I ended up cutting movie off before even halfway.

I have to give this one an F.